Oct 3, 2010

At Cape Cod Herring River

This August I decided to return to Cape Cod and photograph a red boat that I discovered last summer. In my previous dinghy photograph I took advantage of the early morning light while now the idea was to capture it during the evening hours and explore different perspectives. It is such a beautiful photogenic setting and excitement was building up the closer I came to my final destination on Route 28. While finally crossing the Herring River overpass I sneaked a peak through my right eye and to my delight the boat was still anchored in the same location. What I did not expect and to my surprise it was painted blue which revealed a spontaneous outcry of "Awesome!" I pulled into the small parking lot, unloaded my photography gear and got to work from the overpass where I set up tripod and camera. The river current combined with the windy condition that evening made it hard to compose. The boat was constantly moving and I had to be extra patient with my composition attempts. I waited with the release of the shutter until the boat reached the point when it moved back into the opposite direction. This provided a stretched out chain from the blue boat to the buoy and the boat in an attractive position where it leads the viewer into the landscape. I often use a polarizing filter in my landscape photography and it darkened the river by eliminating unwanted bright sky reflection. The polarizer also saturated the green colors of the marsh land vegetation and the blue hues of the sky and boat. I chose a vertical or portrait composition for this landscape photograph to show the beauty and serenity of Cape Cod in large. A small aperture setting provided the required depth of field, the tripod in combination with the camera timer minimized camera shaking. During the digital post processing process I applied minimal contrast, highlight, and color saturation adjustments before finally sharpening the image.


  1. Nice capture, as they say timing is everything. Your article tells me that great shots may require a lot of time and hard work to make them special. What were your settings and and equipment? Thanks..Russ, A Fan

  2. Thanks Russ! This one I took with my Canon digital at 28 mm, 1/30 sec, f/7.1, tripod and polarizing filter ... glad you like my Cape Cod landscape at large!