Aug 28, 2010

In Bar Harbor Maine

A couple of weeks ago I visited Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Great times and I highly recommend a visit if you are nearby. Besides being a prime landscape photography location you can expect biking on the park's car-free carriage roads, hiking the mountainous surrounding terrain, kayaking the lakes or ocean and enjoying the exquisite Maine cuisine. During one of the evenings, I witnessed a spectacular sunset unfolding while I was making my way along the shore path towards the harbor. At half way you could tell, it would be a stunning night with fantastic lighting conditions for seascape photography. On the way I snapped a few photos of the four-mastered schooner, The Margret Todd, which was painted by the golden evening light while sailing Frenchman's Bay. When I made it to the harbor piers a jar dropping sunset over the mountains and harbor was in full swing. I took in the full spectacle and enjoyed every second of it! The sky turned into a beautiful purple once the sun fully set and the direct light disappeared. The reflecting water provided soft lighting on the moored fishing and sail boats. While photographing the harbor scene I had to adjust the camera ISO setting from 50 to 100 to compensate for the fading light and the shutter speed being too low for a hand-held shot. I then zoomed out to 28mm, laid the horizon real low to build a stronger foreground and maximizing the magical sky in the photograph, kept the camera as steady as possible on a pier pile and snapped a couple of exposure bracketed series of photographs before the magic ended seconds later.

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