Jun 22, 2010


Besides photography I also like to run and I like to run long. I often use my fitness runs to look for and see what flowers are blooming throughout my neighborhood. Last weekend I made it out and encountered a bush of hydrangeas. The beautiful blue hues of the hydrangeas were unfolding and the floral immediately struck me as a wonderful photography opportunity. I hope it was the overcast sky that provided optimal lighting and enhanced the color saturation and not my delirious state of mind from an exhausting long run. Little water droplets were still present from the last wee hour showers. Already only a couple minutes away from home I finished up the run, took a shower and ran out to capture the flower. The diffuse light had passed but the overcast still provided great lighting condition. I set up my tripod, mounted a close up filter on my lens and started composing. I photographed the floral from three or four different perspectives and brought home two attractive compositions … not a bad rate for a quick photo session.

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