May 24, 2010

Cape Cod Wildflowers

Saturday morning I made a photo trip to Cape Cod just two hours South of Boston. Originally I had pristine landscape photography in mind which is why I decided to head out to the Outer Cape and photograph the Provincetown dunes at sunrise. Although spectacular at the moment I was not truly able capture the beautiful moment. On my way back I found various treasures and stopped here and there for some of Cape Cod wildflowers ... hope you enjoy them!


  1. Please name the wildflowers. They're lovely.

  2. Daisy, Lupine, Pink Lady Slipper, Blue Flax ... not sure what the small yellow ones are ... found them in the Provinceland dunes. Also can't remember what the butterfly was sitting on, some kind of yellow weed flower I believe ... hope that helps. Thanks for commenting anonymous ... glad you like these Cape Cod wildflower selection from my online art gallery!